Instagrammer Of The Week: @MikaKailes

This weeks Instagrammer is Mika Kailes – a 21 year old fashion blogger based in Finland. Mika blogs about his fashion and traveling lifestyle as well as doing his modelling career on the side. With over 11, 000 followers on Instagram we caught up with him about his style and inspirations…


How would you describe your personal style?
I would describe my personal style as personal, versatile and experimental. I always want to try new things, combinations and prints. As an visual person, for me personally my daily style is self-expression and a way to use my creativity, I always stay true to myself. Even though I follow trends, I think style is much more important than fashion.

Biggest style inspiration?
I find inspiration from many different sources. Currently I’m really interested in growing Finnish fashion design, young designers and independent brands. I get inspiration from surroundings, people, traveling, fashion magazines and blogs.


What’s your one favourite piece of clothing that you own?
This is a difficult question, but I have to say that my favorite piece of clothing is probably a pair of Nike’s all white Air Max sneakers, I am not usually a shoe person, but I feel like wearing these almost every day.

How did you get into modelling?
I started modeling over a year ago, when I got recommended to a model management. I feel thankful to the person who got me to start modeling, because I have gained much experience and confidence from there.




Have your blog and Instagram taken you around the world? Do you have any interesting stories?
I feel like my blog and instagram has given me a lot. I have met interesting people, made friends and got opportunities to participate in many events and photoshoots. Instagram is a really good way to meet people and get new contacts. I have worked as a model in Stockholm and visited friends in London, and collaborated with interesting brands, thanks to Instagram.

What’s the fashion scene in Finland like? How does it compare to Paris and London and how is it unique?
Finish fashion scene is still quite poor, but it definitely is growing. Finnish culture is quite laid back, so you could almost say that the capital Helsinki, is the only place where fashion scene is lively. During the last few years Finnish fashion design has gained a lot of confidence, thanks to young designers and peoples’ growing interest in culture and design.

Your SS14 favourites this year?
I really loved Kenzo’s and Alexander Wang’s Spring/Summer collections.


Check out his blog, like his Facebook page and view his Instagram page here.

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