Top 10 Fashionable Footballers

When it comes to matters of dress, even the most celebrated of footballers are as allusive off the field as they are on it. Footballers are often notorious for being blinded by a designer label, but in recognition of the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil, PAUSE has highlighted ten of the most stylish footballers around today.

1. Raul Meireles

Instagram: @official_raul_meireles 

raul meireles suit 3

Self confessed bohemian and unofficial tattoo champion of football, Raul Meireles possess a sleek selection of wardrobe staples. Loyal to textured blazers and stripes, Raul’s boldest looks have been through his fashion-forward suiting, switching up tailored looks with trainers and denim. His sartorial Mohawk and tattoos are enhanced with his edgy style picks, ranging from skate-chic to more formalized attire.

Raul meireles suit2. Djibril Cisse

Instagram: @djib23

djibril cisse 5

Founder of urban brand Mr Lenoir, Djibril Cisse is the man with the most iconic style in sport. A pioneer of all-black-everything, the Frenchman takes trends to new heights, using oversized statement jackets and tees and experimenting with different textures and silhouettes. Cisse’s style is forever evolving, recently collaborating with fashion label Trapstar and video game producers Hitman, for an all-black collection inspired by the game itself.

djibril cisse 4djibril cisse 2b16ee62faa2af0deb744a55ccd706755574958ciss
3. Claudio Marchisio

Instagram: @Marchisiocla8

claudio marchisio 2

” I try to pay attention to every last detail and always add a touch of elegance.” – Claudio Marchisio

Claudio Marchisio knows how to keep things effortlessly simple. Having a modelling contract with Dolce&Gabbana, his suit style is on point. No other footballer can tailor it up quite like him.

 Coverciano 30 mag 12, foto ufficiale Nazionale Italiana - nella foto Marchisio


4. Keisuke Honda

Instagram: @Honda10official

Honda’s style is a hybrid of Japanese streetwear and Italian chic, and since his recent arrival in Italy, he has stepped up his game. Honda hones the statement style, with his collection of aviator sunglasses and bold layering setting him apart.

keisuke honda

keisuke honda 4

keisuke honda 2

5. Sergio Ramos

Instagram: @SergioRamos4Oficial

sergio ramos 3

Sergio has come along way since ditching the blonde locks, so much so that his new crewcut has taken on its own name, ‘The Ramos’. He has a clean style and works-in simple staples, such as checked shirts and jeans refined especially well.

sergio ramos 2

sergio ramos 5

sergio ramos 4

 6. Mario Balotelli

Instagram: @MB459

Alright, hear us out… he’s everyone’s favourite player they love to hate, mainly down to his polarizing personality which can only be matched by his outlandish style. His arrogance and attitude to fashion is what makes Mario, his style choices of brash Italian designs in complete disregard to what other people think is what makes his style work. He makes his own style.

cccd5d213e806d62257112450b1182c2mario balotelli 2 mario balotelli 3

7. Gerard Pique

Instagram: @3GerardPique

Being the face of Mango menswear across the continent, comes the pressure of making sure his style is on point down to the very last detail. Gerard Pique is simply the king at updating classics, be it the trench or leather jacket, his simplistic use of block colour keeps his refined- urban style on trend.


mango8-2011 gerard pique 3

8. Daniel Sturridge

Instagram: @DStudge

Storm LFW Party Hosted At Red Bull Studios

England’s very own Daniel Sturridge is the closest to the modern day fashion focused footballer that you will see. A regular to London Fashion Week and self confessed best dressed in Liverpool, his Instagram account is filled with some big looks that remain on trend, including American inspired looks from Tech Ninja and his Red October kicks. His style certainly takes an American inspiration from the NBA and NFL, where being forward thinking in dress is welcomed.

daniel sturrudge


daniel sturridge 3

9. Andrea Pirlo

Instagram: @Pirloficial


With age comes maturity, and the elder statesman of the PAUSE 10 has the most refined style in the game. Loyal to the typical Italian aesthetic, fitted blazers, colour knitwear and loafers, it’s effortlessly on point. Style that’s so timeless he is the new fashion icon of the game, a position that long belonged to David Beckham.

andrea pirlo 5

andrea pirlo 4

10. Olivier Giroud

Instagram: @Olivier_Giroud

olivier giroud 2

Fixed on a career in fashion after his playing days are over, Giroud knows how to style up and look sharp. His approach of clean lines and neutral colours has lead many of the footballers from over Europe to follow his style, with his modern adaptation of classic pieces, slim-cut silhouette jackets and open shirts, coming together to make strong looks for any occasion.

olivier giroud

olivier giroud 3

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 Words: Tom Everest

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