Interview: PAUSE Meets Louis Smith

Winning medals in both the Olympics and more recently the 2014 Commonwealth Games, athlete Louis Smith talked to PAUSE about fashion, food and fitness, as well as what lies ahead for him in athletics…

Videographer/Photograher: Benjamin Glean
Fashion Editor: Samantha Ria
Grooming: Alexis Day using Mac and Tigi haircare
Fashion Assistant: Kacion Mayers

Location: H2 Bike Run

Interview by: Jordan Bunker

PAUSE x Louis Smith

PAUSE x Louis Smith

What three words describe your sense of style?
Quirky. Peacock. Tailored.

Do you feel the importance of presentation in your sport has reflected in how you dress as well?
Yeah, I think being in a sport like gymnastics obviously I’m being judged by the way I look, so I think it’s very important to look after yourself in and out the gym.

Have you got any style icons you look up to?
Not particularly, I like to look all over and see what’s going on.


What useful health tips can you tell our PAUSE readers for maintaining a good body?
Have a well balanced diet with exercise!

We would say that you are one of the most stylish guys in athletics, for you are there any other British athletes to you that you think are quite fashionable?
Greg Rutherford and Bradley Wiggins (he just needs to sort out his sideburns!)

You say that people remember you for your hair, what advice can you share with us?
Keep it different. Keep it hip. Give something people to remember. So whatever you choose to do, be a peacock.

PAUSE x Louis Smith

PAUSE x Louis Smith

You’ve previously mentioned before about how a suit is really important to a man’s wardrobe. What details do you look for in a suit?

Slim fit, so I like the tailored look, I don’t like the baggy trousers, I like them short leg if possible, but sometimes it’s hard to find trousers that fit nice with a short leg. I like a three-piece suit as well.

Blazer or denim jacket?

Shirt or t-shirt?
In between…

Smart or causal?

Nice meal out or takeaway at home?
Nice meal out

Chocolate or fruit?

Favourite car?
Nissan GTR

Hairspray or aftershave?

PAUSE x Louis Smith

PAUSE x Louis Smith

Some people find it difficult getting tops and shirts in their size because of their chests, what do you suggest for men like yourself?
Try them on before you buy them. The amount of stuff I’ve sent back online… and know your size. Measure yourself.

I’m sure plenty of your time is spent in the gym, what would you say is a good outfit to wear whilst working out?
Depends on why you go the gym, if you’ve got nice sexy ladies that go, it’s different if you’re trying to impress them, but for me when I go the gym it’s the workout. For cardio I like to wear a jumper and joggers so I can sweat it out.

Obviously congratulations on your gold and bronze medals this summer in the Commonwealth games, have you got any more aims within the sport? Rio possibly…
Possibly… put a big question mark on that one…

Lastly, after athletics, could you see yourself ever working in fashion, as a designer possibly?
I’d like to yeah.

Interview by: Jordan Bunker

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