Converse Chuck Taylor All Star “Color Weave” Collection

By September 27, 2014Fashion News, Sneakers

Converse adds colour to our lives. 


A splash of colour can do wonders like boosting your mood on a grey gloomy day. With these new eye-catching eclectic Converse Chuck Taylor All Star from the “Colour Weave” Collection it will definitely put a smile on anyone’s face. The shoes are designed with colourful strips woven together to give this technicolour appearance, which is fun and quirky at the same time. This is perfect to brighten up the streets or if you need something that’s more uplifting than your usual basic blacks and greys.

Try to get your hand on these exclusive shoes as they are only exclusive to the Asia Pacific region where it will be available from October 1 at Converse stores in Hong Kong, Chine, Taiwan and South Korea, so if you’re making you way there do grab a pair.

Words: Ievan Darwin









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