NYFW: VFiles SS15 Show

VFiles present their favourite new designers.


As part of New York Fashion Week, influential retailers, VFiles, have showcased new collections by three young designers. First up is Hye Gin Hamm, whose heavy use of all-denim, and advanced layering, sets out a strong and defined aesthetic. Then we have Tigran Avetisyan, whose loose, cut & sew sportswear incorporates fragments of typography, akin to recent collections from Raf Simons, or Agi & Sam. Finally, we see Detto Kazuma’s collection, which seems simultaneously both futuristic, and 90s-influenced, seeming to take inspiration from protective sports equipment as much as anything else. Three fine young talents to add to VFiles’ already excellent roster.

Words: Nathan Sharp

Hye Gin Hamm:

VFiles_ss15_fy9 VFiles_ss15_fy10 VFiles_ss15_fy11 VFiles_ss15_fy12

VFiles_ss15_fy14 VFiles_ss15_fy15 VFiles_ss15_fy16 VFiles_ss15_fy17



Tigran Avetisyan:

VFiles_ss15_fy1 VFiles_ss15_fy2 VFiles_ss15_fy3 VFiles_ss15_fy4

VFiles_ss15_fy5 VFiles_ss15_fy6 VFiles_ss15_fy7


Detto Kazuma:

VFiles_ss15_fy20 VFiles_ss15_fy21 VFiles_ss15_fy22 VFiles_ss15_fy23

VFiles_ss15_fy24 VFiles_ss15_fy25 VFiles_ss15_fy26 VFiles_ss15_fy27

VFiles_ss15_fy28 VFiles_ss15_fy29 VFiles_ss15_fy30

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