Planet of the Apes x A Bathing Ape 2014 Capsule Collection

By September 24, 2014Fashion News

Apes galore.


Japanese streetwear survivors A Bathing Ape, are releasing a capsule collection celebrating the Planet of the Apes films. The range consists of tees, hoodies and sweatshirts, and spans the distance from the original 1968 film to this year’s Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Among BAPE’s countless collaborations, this collection is certainly a special one, as the classic sci-fi film series was one of Nigo’s inspirations when he began A Bathing Ape more than 15 years ago. Of course, each design incorporates BAPE’s signature camo pattern, or the ape face motif, but these are seamlessly integrated into the iconoclastic imagery which comes with the Planet of the Apes franchise. The pieces are set to drop mid-October, for more details, hit the BAPE site.

Words: Nathan Sharp

planet-of-the-apes-x-a-bathing-ape-2014-capsule-collection-2 planet-of-the-apes-x-a-bathing-ape-2014-capsule-collection-3 planet-of-the-apes-x-a-bathing-ape-2014-capsule-collection-4

planet-of-the-apes-x-a-bathing-ape-2014-capsule-collection-5 planet-of-the-apes-x-a-bathing-ape-2014-capsule-collection-6 planet-of-the-apes-x-a-bathing-ape-2014-capsule-collection-7 planet-of-the-apes-x-a-bathing-ape-2014-capsule-collection-8 planet-of-the-apes-x-a-bathing-ape-2014-capsule-collection-10

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