ShowStudio Presents: Nasir Mazhar Interview

ShowStudio caught up with British Fashion Designer Nasir Mazhar at London Fashion Week. For those of you that don’t know, Mazhar is a designer well recognised for his creative approaches to sports hats and headwear. He was able to catch the attention of celebrities such as Lady Gaga with his shocking, eye-catching accessories. Then at the club section of the London Olympics opening ceremony, his more wearable hat’s made an appearance wow’ing people all over. Since 2013, Mazhar has developed his skills into creating collections from head-to-toe that are bursting with a whole new level of energy.  After creating his own collection for men and women and introducing it at London Fashion Week 2013, we are pleased to see what he has to offer at London Fashion week a year later. We finally got an insight into what goes on in the mind of Nasir Mazhar…

Here is the interview by ShowStudio:

Words: Laura Spalding

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