Nike F.C. Holiday 2014 Collection

By October 18, 2014Fashion News

The city of Berlin influenced the Nike F.C’s Holiday 2014 collection.  


The German city of Berlin has become the focal inspiration point for Nike F.C. for their Holiday 2014 collection.

Football is huge is Germany, that’s why they won the World Cup this year and the sport is rooted in the German consciousness. It’s no secret the German’s are as passionate about their football as their beer with small-sided concrete pitches that are the signature of the Berlin’s parks. Berlin, a city known for its grit, has produced many top footballers, so it’s no brainer the city has become the inspiration for this collection.

This holiday season, the Nike F.C. collection will include the Glory Tee, which still maintains its classic design, and also the Nike F.C. N98 which was given a small face-lift, changing the Nike F.C. crest for a cleaner block logo.

A new addition to the collection would be the Nike F.C. Scarf, paying homage to the football supporter’s essential accessory. There is also the very cool Nikie F.C. AW77 Hoodie that has been emblazoned with a series of stars as well as the Nike F.C. Stars Top.

The Holiday 2014 Nike F.C. Collection is available now at select Nike Sportswear retailers worldwide and online.

Ho14_NSW_NikeFC_AW77_Hoodie_001_34145 Ho14_NSW_NikeFC_Glory_Tee_White_001_34148 Ho14_NSW_NikeFC_Glory_Tee_White_002_34152 Ho14_NSW_NikeFC_Glory_Tee_Black_002_34149 Ho14_NSW_NikeFC_Glory_Tee_Black_001_34146Ho14_NSW_NikeFC_AW77_Crew_001_34143 Ho14_NSW_NikeFC_Scarf_002_34153 Ho14_NSW_NikeFC_Jerome_Boateng_L_001_Re_34154

Ho14_NSW_NikeFC_AW77_Hoodie_002_34147 Ho14_NSW_NikeFC_Boateng_Brothers_L_001_34137

Words by: Ievan Darwin 

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