OFF-WHITE Spring/Summer 2015 “Moving Still” Lookbook

By October 9, 2014Fashion News

A visually strong collection from OFF-WHITE.

off-white-spring-summer-2015-moving-still-lookbook-07OFF-WHITE by fashion designer Virgil Abloh has presented an eclectic fashion mix with his lookbook for the Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

The brand embraces youth culture, taking inspirations from the streets and bringing a form of random craziness to his pieces that could work for some with a certain punk attitude. The theme for this collection is called “Moving Still” but with so much to look at, it can get just a little distracting at times. There is a very strong visual appeal to the collection with florals and random patchwork on some of its pieces from jeans, tops and caps as well as a few monochromatic pieces from all white, red and black bringing a youthful sophistication to the collection. Expect distressed jeans and a burst of colourful florals here and there as the brand showcases what is in store next Spring.



off-white-spring-summer-2015-moving-still-lookbook-03 off-white-spring-summer-2015-moving-still-lookbook-02 off-white-spring-summer-2015-moving-still-lookbook-01

off-white-spring-summer-2015-moving-still-lookbook-06 off-white-spring-summer-2015-moving-still-lookbook-08 off-white-spring-summer-2015-moving-still-lookbook-09


off-white-spring-summer-2015-moving-still-lookbook-10 off-white-spring-summer-2015-moving-still-lookbook-11 off-white-spring-summer-2015-moving-still-lookbook-12 off-white-spring-summer-2015-moving-still-lookbook-13

off-white-spring-summer-2015-moving-still-lookbook-14 off-white-spring-summer-2015-moving-still-lookbook-15 off-white-spring-summer-2015-moving-still-lookbook-16 off-white-spring-summer-2015-moving-still-lookbook-17

Words: Ievan Darwin

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