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By October 15, 2014Fashion News

Winter has well and truly landed, and a strong statement coat is the only way to style up and survive this season.
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suit up overcoat 2No matter what you’re wearing underneath, a reliable coat is essential, so it’s got to look good. Colour blending is key; as your coat has got to unify with the majority of your current wardrobe, as there comes a time where you will live in your winter coat.

overcoat smart casual

Overcoats are strong this season, bridging the gap between smart and casual, unlike a lot of other options this winter such as the parka or duffle coat. Switch it up with jeans, a plain tee and layered shirts and sweats, or suit up by adding it as the final layer to your checkered suit. The overcoat provides strong versatility, with endless possibilities, it is easy to match any personality for any occasion.

tinie overcoat

pea coat statement

suit up overcoat

The strength of the statement coat can all be in the layering, as a plain overcoat or bomber can be the finishing touch to your outfit. Bombers remain a strong statement piece, and you can update them by wearing different lengths and textures of your layering- with the light plain bomber being an ideal piece of outerwear which is effortless to style.

kanye bomber

black bomber layering

black bomber
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Layering and accessorising the right coat is another way to make a statement – and there are two ways to go- simple or extreme. The simple statement puts the focus on the coat, so if you pick a bold, on-trend colour like camel, tone down the detail and layer up subtlety, with plain tees and jumpers, letting the coat take the attention.

overcoat statement


camel statement

But if you chose a black pea coat, mac or leather jacket well that’s when the details come up strong; layer up with big prints, long-line shirts and tees, include oversize bold accessories be it hats and scarves in one-block colours, or switch up with fedora’s and fur for the bigger, bolder statement.tumblr_ndgs1qnYyH1spob4vo1_500

leather layering


fur detail

The big statement to make this season is in the fabrics and textures of coats rather than the silhouette, and the best place to find the ultimate is by taking it vintage.

Thrift shopping is huge for that something different when it comes to coats- with every possible shape and style available to you if you know where to look, but more importantly, if you know what to match it up with.

vintage feel

green pea

Unearthing a bit of fur or a retro mac is a big look that can be carried a long way with the right styling. The classic silhouette of a trench or overcoat possess the ability to be dressed up or down; with a slim-line trouser and brogue the ideal way to make sure the return of the mac is a strong look this season.

vintage mac

bold coat

With fur and bold patterning, keep it simple with the layering and detailing, as the attention is on the coat, you want it to take stage. So keep things clean, match up with strong one-colour trainers and shoes with slim-line trousers and jeans to keep things contemporary and fresh.

kanye fur

With vintage, it’s important to remember the piece is authentic and unique so treat it like it, as after all a statement coat lasts a life time, not just for the run up to Christmas.

Get yourself some statement coats below:

Get yourself some statement vintage coats below:

Words: Tom Everest

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