SEVERAL; Launch and Autumn/Winter 2014 Lookbook

By October 14, 2014Fashion News

A new menswear label has launched in London.


There is a new kid on the block as a new menswear label, SEVERAL; has been launched for the man who is looking for a simple and clean minimalist design to his clothes but still wanting that touch of luxury.

PAUSE was recently at the SEVERAL; launch event where we got to see up close some of the pieces that are offered by this new menswear label that is set to be making waves in the menswear scene in London. Perfect for the understated man, SEVERAL; is known to be quietly luxurious and focuses on great craftsmanship, quality and design. Not just a menswear label, SEVERAL; is also a design consultancy and an e-commerce site where they stock up labels such as Dr Martens and Levi’s just to name a few. Every piece from their new AW14 collection is wearable, modern and relevant to the style conscious man of today.

SEVERAL; is the brainchild of Graeme Fidler who is not only the founder but also the Creative Director for the brand. Not new to the menswear luxury scene, he was the head of menswear design at Aquascutum and was also the Creative Director of luxury brand Bally. Fidler is known for his immaculate design aesthetics while always keeping true to classic British tailoring traditions that can be seen in his designs at SEVERAL;.

Check out the launch of SEVERAL; below as well as the lookbook for their A/W 2014 collection. Head over to the SEVERAL; website to find out more and to shop the collection.

Words by: Ievan Darwin  

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