Street Style Shots: Out & About in New York City

Autumn season kicks its way in and we sent our NYC street style photographer Luke Meagher out and about New York City to capture what the guys are wearing on the street. Here’s what he PAUSED:

IMG_3937 IMG_3957 IMG_3955 IMG_3951
IMG_3968 IMG_6277 IMG_6173 IMG_3969
IMG_6282 IMG_6315 IMG_6303

IMG_6317 IMG_6324 IMG_6332 IMG_6295

IMG_6355 IMG_6363 IMG_6362 IMG_6357
IMG_6367 IMG_6394 IMG_6391 IMG_6388
IMG_6395 IMG_6528 IMG_6417 IMG_6415
IMG_6533 IMG_6638 IMG_6630 IMG_6619
IMG_6706 IMG_6735 IMG_6723 IMG_6712
IMG_6772 IMG_7029 IMG_6984 IMG_6943
IMG_7072 IMG_7274 IMG_7206 IMG_7110
IMG_7307 IMG_7343 IMG_7335 IMG_7328
IMG_7400 IMG_7405

Photos by: Luke Meagher

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