Stussy’s ‘ROOTZ’ Capsule Collection

By October 1, 2014Fashion News

As you’d expect, they’re re-visiting their roots.


For their latest collection, streetwear innovators, Stussy, are delving into their own rich history, for a line inspired by the past. The ‘ROOTZ’ capsule collection looks to Stussy archive pieces from the 80s, and with this in mind, creates a modern equivalent. The result is a nice, cohesive collection, of largely monochrome streetwear, with some good use of pattern, too. Perhaps the fact that most of the pieces actually look very current speaks for how 80s-influenced streetwear is in general, today.

Words: Nathan Sharp.

stussy-fall-14-rootz-collection-2 stussy-fall-14-rootz-collection-3 stussy-fall-14-rootz-collection-4

stussy-fall-14-rootz-collection-5 stussy-fall-14-rootz-collection-6 stussy-fall-14-rootz-collection-7 stussy-fall-14-rootz-collection-8


stussy-fall-14-rootz-collection-9 stussy-fall-14-rootz-collection-10 stussy-fall-14-rootz-collection-11 stussy-fall-14-rootz-collection-12 stussy-fall-14-rootz-collection-13

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