PAUSE Meets: Cris Cab

PAUSE meets Cris Cab.

Credits: Sweatshirt – Samsoe & Samsoe,  Jewellery, watches & sunglasses Chris’ own.

With an overly impressive 35 million views with hit single ‘Liar Liar’, American singer/songwriter Cris Cab met up with PAUSE to talk about his close friendship with mentor Pharrell, his fashion sense and how he plans to attack Europe.

For those who haven’t heard of you in the UK, what kind of artist is Cris Cab?

I would say that my music is a fusion between many different genres. I grew up listening to a lot of reggae so that will always be an instinct of mine, but from there I listen to everything from rock, hip-hop, soul and R&B and I like to fuse that altogether.

How did you become involved in music? Has it been something you’ve been interested in from the start?

Music is something I’ve been into since I was eight years old without even realising it. Since the first time I spent in the Bahamas just cruising around and I heard reggae for the first time as a young kid and I remember just hearing Bob Marley “I’m jamming” and thinking oh wow, incredible. From then on it just became part of my life without even realising it.

Credits: Biker Jacket – Samsoe & Samsoe, Shirt – Samsoe & Samsoe, Trousers – ASOS, Trainers – Saucony at Schuh

Nobody else can say Pharrell Williams is their mentor, how did you two meet?

I met Pharrell when I was about fifteen years old and I met him through a family friend of ours in Miami, Pharrell’s lived in Miami now for about 12/13 years, it’s a pretty small place and I was able to go over to him at a young age and play him some music that I’d made in my bedroom and he really enjoyed it. Long story short he ended up taking me under his wing and teaching me everything, from producing, to writing to stage performing.

What’s Pharrell Williams like as a mentor?

It’s extremely amazing, for me I feel very fortunate and very blessed to have someone like him on my team because the amount of musical knowledge he has, the amount of wisdom he has, it’s such a great key and it puts me way ahead in the game, compared to people who are starting off with no guidance so it’s definitely very major in what I do.

5791 v2 5864 6031Credits: Coat – Edwin, T-shirt – SUPREMEBEING, Trousers – Scotch & Soda, Trainers – Nike at Schuh

PAUSE wants to know how you would describe your sense of style?

It’s a mixture of dark and solid and comfort and confidence. To me when you’re comfortable, you’re very confident and so I like to make sure I play the line of pushing my fashion envelope and also staying comfortable, that way I feel confident and look confident on the stage in whatever I do.

Who would you say influences your fashion and music? Who would you name as your inspiration(s)?

Some of my big musical inspirations are definitely Bob Marley, he’s my main inspiration in music. I take inspiration from Marvin Gay, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Buju Banton, Jimmy Cliff so many other great artists. Then I’d say my fashion inspiration comes from Pharrell of course, amazing fashion icon, and Lenny Kravitz is someone I look up to, I’d say we have similar styles, we both listen to a lot of rock and we dress in that way a little edgier.

How does your personal style reflect you as a musician?

I guess since I’m a fusion artist and I mix so many styles together, that’s kind of how I dress, I mix a little bit of everything in my fashion sense.

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Would you say you have a staple item in your outfits, like Pharrell has his fedora hat?

The staple piece to all my outfits are definitely my sunglasses. It’s something I always make sure I have, a great pair of sunglasses.

On your website it says that your music is a shared experience, do you feel everyone can relate to your single ‘Liar Liar’?

Yeah, I feel everyone can relate to the single because everyone has been in a situation where people have been lied to or in a relationship where, not only the opposite sex, but maybe a friend where you think you know somebody and you you can trust them and then through time you figure out who they truly are and their intentions.

‘Liar Liar’ has reached over 35 million hits on YouTube and counting! Do you feel YouTube is the best way for new artists to get recognised?

Definitely, I owe a lot of my success to social media and I think now as an emerging artist it’s a major part of what you do. It’s a great way to advertise yourself and as well as spreading your music to an infinite amount of people throughout the world.

You’ve supported the likes of Collie Buddz, O.A.R., T-Pain, Gym Class Heroes, and Matisyahu. Would you say you’ve learnt something different from each artist?

I’m very fortunate to of worked with so many different producers and artists, and I can say from watching every artist you learn something different, everyone has their own sense of style, their own sense of what they do on stage and so it’s really interesting as an artist to see this and to grow from it and pick little things of what they do and put it into your own game.

5940 5898Credits: Shirt – Edwin, Trousers – Samsoe & Samsoe, Trainers – Chris’ Own

Your album ‘Where I Belong’ was released in September, how has it been received?

It’s been amazing. I’m really surprised in the success and the spread of it throughout Europe. The fans out here have been incredible and it’s truly amazing. The single Liar Liar has gone top ten in forty countries so to me that’s huge as an upcoming artist.

What are you looking forward to the most for the rest of the year or have you already got your sights set on 2015?

So in 2015 I plan on continuing to tour throughout Europe, attacking that fanbase that we’re building out here, as well as recording my second album. Then to the Bahamas right after this tour I’m going to start recording because nowadays everything’s moving so quick you’ve got to attack with new music and keep flipping the switch.

Interviewed by: Jordan Bunker
Photographer & Video by: Jack Alexander
Stylist: Cherrelle Douglas
Assistant Stylist: Ebony Elena
Video Editor: Alberto Rodríguez Recio

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