Power Piece: Mophie for Opening Ceremony

By November 22, 2014Fashion News, Gadgets


Wearable tech is definitely the future. 


You know you’re living in the future when your jacket can now charge your phone making you never needing to frantically look for a power socket to charge your phone. Somehow nobody has figured out how to make our batteries in our phones last longer but there is a jacket created that charges your phone, something just doesn’t seem right.

This special wearable tech is by Mophie, the California-based creators of the original juice pack, who have teamed up with Opening Ceremony to created the limited-edition varsity jacket which comes with a secret powerstation that is concealed in an inner pocket so you can now carry one less item with you. This varsity jacket is compatible with any iPhone or Android, so now you never need to worry of a dying phone and be connected all the time while still look stylish thanks to this cool collaboration.

You can shop the Mophie for Opening Ceremony Varsity Jacket here.


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