PAUSE Guide: How to dress for the Evening this Christmas

By December 18, 2014PAUSE Guide, Style, Xmas

The Christmas Holiday season is a time full of evening parties, whether that be work parties or a Christmas get together, you want to be looking your best and impressing your fellow party goers/guests! So what should you be wearing to all your parties before the year is out?

With it being Christmas, everyone makes a little more effort. This means that we suggest you stick to a nice pair of fitted trousers. Depending on your personal style, you could wear a simple pair of smart trousers, or if you want to make a statement this season, then perhaps check out the patterned trousers over at Topman, Urban Outfitters or ASOS? Once you’ve found your trousers make sure you get the right size, making sure your trousers just brush the top of your shoe. If you want to create an extra edge, perhaps roll them?


If you want to dress up smart, then you may consider wearing a bowtie. Here at PAUSE we opt for a slim tie, but if you find a standout sartorial accessory then wear the bowtie and standout amongst the rest!


If it’s a casual party then you might be able to rock a pair of jeans with a shirt. Here at PAUSE feel that darker jeans look smarter than light, but it all depends on the event you are going to. So if you can wear jeans to a party, then you might be able to get away with not wearing a blazer. However, if you want to, you could wear a blazer with jeans. A tip would be not to wear a blazer that has a shiny finish when wearing it with jeans, try and find a tweed blazer or cotton blazer. Everyone man has his own personal style and if you feel that casual is your thing, then you may want to wear a tee to an evening event. If you do, maybe style it up with some jewellery or even a fedora hat to give your outfit that smart casual finish.
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So after you’ve chosen what to wear, the last thing you’ve got to choose is what shoes to slip on. There are plenty of smart options from monk shoes to brogues and chelsea boots. Make sure your shoes are shined and ready to go. PAUSE would advise leaving your trainers at home for the evening, even if you are aiming for a casual look. Trousers and trainers can be worn together, but perhaps in during the day.


Time to go home yet? If you’ve got work the next day, make sure you don’t leave the house without your watch to keep an eye on the time. Take a look at our ‘Top 10 watches for this Christmas’ post for some last-minute inspiration!


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Words: Jordan Bunker

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