Band of Outsiders Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

By January 25, 2015Fashion News

Take a trip to the American hardware store.


Inspired by the great handyman of the mid-20th century America and those found in the American hardware store, Band of Outsiders designer Scott Sternberg’s new Fall/Winter collection channels the hardworking and labour intensive handyman look but with a fashion twist. The modern style with its clean cut silhouette collection features fitted tops and pants, denims, suits and to go along with the theme, there’s even a plywood printed coat. The workwear inspired collection is definitely masculine, modern and contemporary but also it’s not practical to wear them to really do your handy job, it’s about looking the part and having the look minus the sweat and grease.

Band_of_Outsiders_009_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_012_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_011_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_010_1366
Band_of_Outsiders_013_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_016_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_015_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_017_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_020_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_019_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_018_1366
Band_of_Outsiders_021_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_024_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_023_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_022_1366
Band_of_Outsiders_001_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_006_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_005_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_004_1366
Band_of_Outsiders_007_1366 Band_of_Outsiders_008_1366

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