Clothsurgeon Denim for 2015

By January 6, 2015Fashion News


Image via @clothsurgeon Instagram

Clothsurgeon has set it’s sights on the denim wear market for 2015. Announced via instagram with the caption “Japanese Selvage Denim, English Design, Italian Made.”, the fashion world went in to a cyber frenzy with the exciting teaser from the head of the brand, Rav Matharu. Not much is known about the new denim venture besides the instagram shot above. However, the folks over at Daily Street managed to get a few words from the man himself that gives a little more of  an insight in to what we’ve to expect later in the year.

“I have always been a denim enthusiast and obsessed with vintage Americana for so many years. My OCD kind of personality told me that I have to choose one denim brand and stick to that, and I always chose to wear Levi’s Vintage Clothing LVC. Favourite pair probably being the 1901 501 Indigo Immortal. The back story has always intrigued me and the reasons why some jeans have certain fits and details is almost like a history, an evolution of the working class.

For the first Clothsurgeon denim collection I decided to use 14.5oz selvage Japanese denim, unwashed and also a drastic wash with extremely varied fits. I pretty much made what I like to wear, referencing various archives and my personal pieces that I have worn for years. It’s an exciting new stage in the brand that I hope to develop as seasons go on.”

We’re already more than aware of Matharu’s bespoke tailoring skills, clearly displayed in his use of four pairs of Nike sweatpants. We’re also excited to see his interpretation of a basic wardrobe staple. Clothsurgeon has a very British vibe with a contemporary slant that gives the label it’s uniqueness. Attention to detail, premium quality and classic designs are central to his creations which leaves us eager to see how it’s transpired in to this up coming denim collection.

Keep posted over here for any more information as soon as it drops. Also, check out the Clothsurgeon website.

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