LCM: Maharishi Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Military wear at a new level.


Maharishi gathered a new take on military inspired wear, mixed with street aesthetics and masculine qualities for Autumn/Winter 2015. Featuring Hooded masks, drop-crotch trousers, map-printed bomber jackets, and camouflage pieces. See the full collection below:

maharishi-mens-rtw-fall-2015-01 maharishi-mens-rtw-fall-2015-05 maharishi-mens-rtw-fall-2015-03 maharishi-mens-rtw-fall-2015-02
maharishi-mens-rtw-fall-2015-06 maharishi-mens-rtw-fall-2015-09 maharishi-mens-rtw-fall-2015-08 maharishi-mens-rtw-fall-2015-07
maharishi-mens-rtw-fall-2015-10 maharishi-mens-rtw-fall-2015-13 maharishi-mens-rtw-fall-2015-12 maharishi-mens-rtw-fall-2015-11

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