LCM: Moschino Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Snow is in fashion.


Creative Director for Moschino, Jeremy Scott, pulled of another creative concept once again focusing on outerwear statement pieces for Autumn/Winter 2015 and unleashing attention-seeking snowboarding garments, see the full collection below:

MARC0011 MARC0069 MARC0051 MARC0021
MARC0087 MARC0169 MARC0133 MARC0099
MARC0199 MARC0273 MARC0259 MARC0235
MARC0309 MARC0383 MARC0359 MARC0343
MARC0423 MARC0485 MARC0471 MARC0455
MARC0503 MARC0553 MARC0541 MARC0519
MARC0573 MARC0625 MARC0607 MARC0591
MARC0643 MARC0693 MARC0675 MARC0659
MARC0707 MARC0801 MARC0785 MARC0745
MARC0811 MARC0885 MARC0851 MARC0831
MARC0915 MARC1055 MARC0975 MARC0961

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