LCM: Velsvoir Autumn/Winter 2015 Presentation

Luxurious bow-tie brand Velsvoir returns with a slick presentation.

Velsvoir 10 Jan-1

On the 10th of January 2015, in the frame of London Collection: Men the British brand Velsvoir and Russian artist Gregory Emvy introduced the limited fashion edition sets ‘The real gentleman’ Autumn­/Winter 2015.

Velsvoir are famous for their eclectic representation style at London Fashion Week 2013 and Dubai Fashion Forward 2014. The Russian contemporary artist Gregory Emvy is known for his latest x­ray exhibition Human Souls that was opened during Frieze Week in London 2014.

Collaborated limited edition sets by the designers and the artist reflects the existing notions of the modern dandy. It has been introduced to the Londoners via two languages of the art and fashion. Bow tie made by Velsvoir and Emvy became as a piece of art drew inspiration from a crisp winter day bathed in sunlight. The fans of the luxury in shades of blue and grey were identified among the famous guests.

DSCF3055 Velsvoir_2015_Anna_Michell_02 Velsvoir_2015_Anna_Michell_01
Velsvoir_2015_Anna_Michell_03 Velsvoir_2015_Anna_Michell_06 Velsvoir_2015_Anna_Michell_05 Velsvoir_2015_Anna_Michell_04
Velsvoir_2015_Anna_Michell_07 Velsvoir_2015_Anna_Michell_10 Velsvoir_2015_Anna_Michell_09 Velsvoir_2015_Anna_Michell_08
Velsvoir_2015_Anna_Michell_11 IMG_8480 IMG_8469 Velsvoir_BTS_ACM_5996
IMG_8484 IMG_8600 IMG_8555 IMG_8535
IMG_8603 IMG_8515 IMG_8525 IMG_8544

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