MFW: Versace Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

“Cashmere knitwear is a focus.”


Donatella Versace unveiled the Autumn/Winter 2015 collection for Versace at Milan Fashion Week. With no disappoints, Versace demonstrated a strong luxurious collection which features luxurious outerwear, energetic sports wear, Tone-on-tone essentials, fur, well tailored suits with pins, long-line cardigans and chunky knit sweaters. See the full collection below:

VER_0053 VER_0147 VER_0113 VER_0073
VER_0167 VER_0237 VER_0223 VER_0201
VER_0263 VER_0333 VER_0313 VER_0287
VER_0349 VER_0423 VER_0403 VER_0377
VER_0441 VER_0511 VER_0485 VER_0465
VER_0557 VER_0631 VER_0609 VER_0585
VER_0653 VER_0717 VER_0687 VER_0675
VER_0739 VER_0811 VER_0789 VER_0765
VER_0831 VER_0903 VER_0873 VER_0859
VER_0903 VER_0969 VER_0943 VER_0925
VER_0997 VER_1073 VER_1033 VER_1015
VER_1089  VER_1113VER_1135

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