PAUSE Editorial: Into The Woods

PAUSE Online Presents:
Into The Woods


Photography: Kyle Galvin – @kylegalvin_
Styling: Jay Hines – @xyyx_
Grooming: Jade Dixon – @jade_dixon
Model: Max Hamilton – @maxhamilton_ at @models_1uk
Art Direction: Oscar Jay – @oscrjay & Kyle Galvin
Set Design: Sarah Gobourne – @Titch_pics
Special thanks to Workrate Studio

Page 01 (Title Page)

Clothing Credits: Shoes: Christian Lacroix

Page 02
Clothing Credits: Rollneck: VILLIAN, Glasses: Ace & Tate, Trousers: VILLIAN

Page 03
Clothing Credits: Left look – Three Piece Suit: Christian Lacroix, Shirt: GABBICI, Shoes: Christian Lacroix
Right look – Fedora Hat: Topman, Rollneck: GABBICI, Trousers:  Christian Lacroix, Shoes: Christian Lacroix

Page 04


Page 05
Clothing Credits: Three Piece Suit: Christian Lacroix, Shirt: Christian Lacroix, Glasses: Ace & Tate

Page 06

Page 07
Clothing Credits: Shirt: Christian Lacroix, Coat: VILLIAN, Trousers: VILLIAN

Page 08
Clothing Credits: Blazer: GABBICI, Roll Neck: GABBICI, Glasses: Ace & Tate

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