PFW: Balmain Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Balmain unites cultures for their Autumn/Winter 2015 collection with nautical and skateboard concepts. Trousers in slim or dramatic silhouettes constructed in leather or knit fabrics and van-type sneakers detailed with gold soles are richly detailed with buckles and tassels in quilted or leather. Crowning the collection are sophisticated tailored naval blazers in shimmering velvet’s or decorated in crystal. Note the beanies to remind you this is still street inspired for the overly upscale pieces. See the full collection below:

Balmain_01_1366 Balmain_04_1366 Balmain_03_1366 Balmain_02_1366
Balmain_05_1366 Balmain_08_1366 Balmain_07_1366 Balmain_06_1366
Balmain_09_1366 Balmain_12_1366 Balmain_11_1366 Balmain_10_1366
Balmain_13_1366 Balmain_17_1366 Balmain_16_1366 Balmain_15_1366
Balmain_18_1366 Balmain_21_1366 Balmain_20_1366 Balmain_19_1366
Balmain_22_1366 Balmain_26_1366 Balmain_25_1366 Balmain_24_1366 Balmain_23_1366

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