PFW: Juun J Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Uniformity and volume play by Juun J.


Korean designer Juun J seems to love playing with volumes and has always been able to play around with deconstruction and inflating the silhouette.  A uniform can be seen in his latest collection where it was his take on military wear with attention to collars which were exaggerated for a more voluminous look.  Khaki being the base and core colour palette for the collection, it also features top heavy silhouettes with bomber jackets and double breasted coat in canvas and wool. Wide legged trousers for more flow can be seen on the runway as the  models also walked down in floppy fringed cuts. There seemed to be a sense of gender ambiguity and uniformity to the collection while still keeping it tailored and refined, as the finale featured models parading down in identical oversized parkes which had child like faces on the back. See the full collection below:

juun-j-fw15_fy1 juun-j-fw15_fy2 juun-j-fw15_fy3 juun-j-fw15_fy4juun-j-fw15_fy5juun-j-fw15_fy6juun-j-fw15_fy7juun-j-fw15_fy8juun-j-fw15_fy9juun-j-fw15_fy10juun-j-fw15_fy11juun-j-fw15_fy12juun-j-fw15_fy13juun-j-fw15_fy14juun-j-fw15_fy15juun-j-fw15_fy16juun-j-fw15_fy17juun-j-fw15_fy18juun-j-fw15_fy19juun-j-fw15_fy20juun-j-fw15_fy21juun-j-fw15_fy22juun-j-fw15_fy23juun-j-fw15_fy24juun-j-fw15_fy25juun-j-fw15_fy26juun-j-fw15_fy27juun-j-fw15_fy28juun-j-fw15_fy29juun-j-fw15_fy30juun-j-fw15_fy31juun-j-fw15_fy32juun-j-fw15_fy33juun-j-fw15_fy34juun-j-fw15_fy35juun-j-fw15_fy36juun-j-fw15_fy37juun-j-fw15_fy38juun-j-fw15_fy39juun-j-fw15_fy55

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