PFW: Pigalle Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Pigalle Fall 2015 menswear sets the effect for fashion and theatre for their presentation in Paris. The Musique Therapie is a secondary line showcasing cardinal earfuls of musically inclined gear featuring jazzy trilbies and Cossack hats topping layerings of what seems to be cotton and silk shorts over tailor-cuffed trousers exposing interior prints. Eccentric pieces are fabricated and layered to mix abnormal hues and patterns to influence the thought of culture clashing. Most models style jogger pants combined with a much more casual Clark shoe, Wallabee, or monotone track shoe. See the full collection below:

(Review coming soon)

Pigalle_005_1366 (1) Pigalle_009_1366 Pigalle_008_1366 Pigalle_006_1366
Pigalle_010_1366 Pigalle_013_1366 Pigalle_012_1366 Pigalle_011_1366
Pigalle_014_1366 Pigalle_018_1366 Pigalle_016_1366 Pigalle_015_1366
Pigalle_019_1366 Pigalle_029_1366 Pigalle_023_1366 Pigalle_021_1366
Pigalle_030_1366 Pigalle_038_1366 Pigalle_034_1366 Pigalle_033_1366
Pigalle_041_1366 Pigalle_045_1366 Pigalle_044_1366 Pigalle_042_1366
Pigalle_047_1366 Pigalle_052_1366 Pigalle_049_1366 Pigalle_048_1366
Pigalle_053_1366  Pigalle_056_1366 Pigalle_055_1366Pigalle_063_1366
Pigalle_065_1366 Pigalle_070_1366

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