LC23 Autumn/Winter 2015 “Native” Collection

By March 5, 2015Fashion News

“Handmade with love” is now LC23 would describe what they do.


Italian brand LC23 reveals their impression Autumn/Winter 2015 “Native” inspired collection. The Native collection offers contemporary menswear designs crafted into wearable garments for the guy who like to take a step forward. The collection features wide-legged trousers, long coats, bomber jackets and jumpers which all feature unique detailing and textures that make the collection individual in its own right. The Native American headdress is highlighted through the collection, seen on the bomber jacket and knitwear jumpers. The collection will be available at select retailers in the coming months, for now, see the full collection below:

lc23-fall-winter-2015-collection-01-853x1280 lc23-fall-winter-2015-collection-04-853x1280 lc23-fall-winter-2015-collection-03-853x1280 lc23-fall-winter-2015-collection-02-853x1280
lc23-fall-winter-2015-collection-05-853x1280 lc23-fall-winter-2015-collection-08-853x1280 lc23-fall-winter-2015-collection-07-853x1280 lc23-fall-winter-2015-collection-06-853x1280

lc23-fall-winter-2015-collection-09-853x1280 lc23-fall-winter-2015-collection-12-853x1280 lc23-fall-winter-2015-collection-11-853x1280 lc23-fall-winter-2015-collection-10-853x1280
lc23-fall-winter-2015-collection-13-853x1280 lc23-fall-winter-2015-collection-15-853x1280 lc23-fall-winter-2015-collection-14-853x1280

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