PAUSE Hair: From The Streets

From The Streets


Photographer: Benjamin Glean // @benjaminglean
Stylist: Samantha Ria // @SamanthaRia
Hair Stylist: Kayleigh Jane // @KayLeighJaneHair
MUA: Petr Blecha // @Petr_Blecha
Model: Jonathon @ IAMCASTINGS // @chinowipez

Get the look:  Take small sections of hair and use straightening irons to create loose waves.  Pin back hair to suit.  Use hairspray for hold.



Clothing credits: Shirt – Iceberg, Coat – Uniqlo, Watch – G-Shock

Get the look: Use comb to pick out the hair for the S curl, and leave loose.  Take 3 sections (side, front and back) and starting at the hairline, plait towards the crown.  Twist the 3 plaits together to create a plaited bun.  Secure with bobble and pins.  Apply strong hold gel to the front loose strands and use a tail comb to create the S curl shape from the forehead to the cheek.  Use hairdryer to set in place. Use shine spray all over for added glisten.




Clothing credits: Shirt – Sand, Jacket – Gloverall

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