BUSCEMI x Emotionally Unavailable x United Arrows “Military” Collection

This unique military look has us standing to attention.


Drenched in olive green, padlocks on sneakers and a melting heart embossed defiantly on the side of a bag. The latest collection produced by UNITED ARROWS & SONS as part of a giant creative melting pot with Emotionally Unavailable, readymade and BUSCEMI, the collection benefits greatly from each brand bringing their own unique artistic flair and design sensibilities. What results has a distinctly punk rock meets camo vibe, imagine Green Day meets Rambo and then you can get a clearer picture of its bombastic military aesthetic.

“We wanted to create a military inspired piece through a luxury scope”  – KB, Emotionally Unavailable

emotionally-unavailable-united-arrows-buscemi-100mm-00  emotionally-unavailable-united-arrows-buscemi-100mm-02 emotionally-unavailable-united-arrows-buscemi-100mm-01Emotionally-Unavailable-x-BUSCEMI-x-readymade-x-UNITED-ARROWS-SONS-Military-Collection-2

Officially released today in limited numbers you can get the BUSCEMI sneakers for $1,241 USD and the readymade bags in small and large for $1,365 USD at

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