David Beckham Covers GQ June 2015 British GQ

David Beckham is stylishly happy.


David Beckham suits up, gets groomed ready and smiles as he covers the June 2015 issue of British GQ. Following his 40th birthday celebratetion this weekend and joining the Instagram world. The star sits down with GQ and talks about his life, football, turning 40 and style. David said “I’m not worried about turning 40. People do turn around and say “oh you’re turning 40 next year, how do you feel about that?” I’ve not even thought about it to be honest. When you get older you do go into different things, and you mature in different ways. I have four children, so you do mature. You do start liking different things. You like different hotels, you start liking flowers in hotels and things like that [laughs]. I think you venture into that when you get older, and obviously going into this side of the business. I’ve gone from being a football player for 22 years and now I’m involved in the business side of things.” Read more at

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