Joshua Sanders Spring/Summer 2015 “Don’t Touch” Collection

By May 25, 2015Fashion News

Don’t Touch.

The-Cosmopolitan-Sneaker-brand_fy9Joshua Sanders drops his Spring/Summer 2015 Collection accessories, and we are beyond excited. The dynamic and colourful collection gets its inspiration from Nike’s Lunarfly 306; the 32-year-old Italian designer Vittorio Cordella opted for glow-in-the-dark colours on a black background on slip-on sneakers, backpacks, and a mountain hat. For his debut, he included some bold slogans such as ‘Don’t touch’, ‘Good boy’ or ‘Play Hard’.


The-Cosmopolitan-Sneaker-brand_fy13 The-Cosmopolitan-Sneaker-brand_fy12 The-Cosmopolitan-Sneaker-brand_fy11 The-Cosmopolitan-Sneaker-brand_fy10 The-Cosmopolitan-Sneaker-brand_fy8

The-Cosmopolitan-Sneaker-brand_fy7 The-Cosmopolitan-Sneaker-brand_fy6 The-Cosmopolitan-Sneaker-brand_fy5 The-Cosmopolitan-Sneaker-brand_fy4


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