PAUSE Tips: How To Create Ripped Jeans

What’s grunge, cool and rugged all over?


From the heavy metal era of the 80s, to the grunge dominated scene of 90s; PAUSE loves the ripped look, because no matter what the decade or the zeitgeist, the ripped jeans trend always manages to resurfaces and reinvent itself and 2015 is certainly no exceptional! Everywhere you turn the ripped denim is defining the bohemian chic look with a rugged edge. But the very best thing about the ripped jeans look, its not the preserve of celebrity wardrobes or big fashion houses. Anyone can take an old pair of jeans and bring it back on trend for next to nothing and PAUSE is going to show you how in 9 easy steps:

  1. Select one of your old and slightly warn out or even new, medium to light pair of denim trousers that you don’t mind pocking holes into and want to bring on trend.levi jeans
  2. First things first, you need to gather the right tools for your denim ripping arsenal: you will need a , sponge, bleach, tailor chalk, serrated knife, sandpaper and a shaving razor. Try and avoid using scissors because the cut they create are far to clean and offer no fraying which exactly what you want.

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  1. Find a free space surface that will allow you to fully explore your creative juices. Then lay your trouser face down on the surface and insert a magazine or a piece of card into the pant leg to prevent any damage from being done to the other side of the trousers.


  1. Using the tailor chalk, mark as many horizontal line across the knee of the trouser at least 2cm apart. And then using the serrated knife begin to cut into the marks.


  1. Once you have made you incisions, using the tweezers start to pull at the vertical coloured thread on top and below the cuts until you expose the white horizontal threads beneath.


  1. Once you’re satisfied with the look of the knee, for a better overall look you should use the razor or sandpaper  to go over other parts of the trousers, such as the back pockets and the cuffs to give the entire jean the distressed look.


  1. With a sponge coated with a little bleach, pat in and around area of rip and distress.


  1. Place the jeans into the washing machine on a normal soak, take it out and place it’s in the dryer and then instantly place it back into the washing machine at a slightly high temperature.


  1. Once dry, put those bad boys on and rock them with pride!

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See some inspiration street style looks in ripped jeans:

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Extra tips:

  1. Practice before hand with another pair of denim jeans that doesn’t fit you anymore.
  2. Experiment with the type and style of ripping you choose to do, they your trousers and you have the power to create your own unique look.
  3. Don’t worry about neatness, the ripped look is supposed to look rugged and worn out.
  4. Most equipment listed can be found at most hobby craft stores.

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