A$AP Rocky: ‘Celebrities Ruined Fashion for Me’

Hate it or love it.



After publicly proclaiming his love for brand names on his “LONG.LIVE.A$AP” album, with shoutouts to luxury brands like Christian Louboutin, viagra Maison Margiela, as well as streetwear brands like a Bathing Ape and Hood by Air, A$AP Rocky explains to us why he is done with name brands – again – and this time you can thank celebrities.

“I wear what I want and what I like,” Rocky told Co. Create in a recent interview. “Celebrities ruined fashion for me. I used to put a lot of thought into what I was wearing and then when all my favorite brands were being bought and worn by the biggest poseurs and celebrities with terrible taste … Now that’s why I’m wearing old Raf Simons jeans, beat up Alexander Wang boots, and a distressed VLONE T-shirt. I’m just over it. There are days when I get jiggy, but right now, I’m just not into the whole name brand thing so much. I have the brands that I like but the name brand doesn’t really concern me.”


Although he clearly isn’t completely finished with name brands, he is just subtly reminding us all what fashion is really about – style. Amid all the hysteria regarding the 26-year old rappers “hate it or love it” relationship with name brands, we can all agree that he is still the “Lord of fashion.” Read the full interview, in which Rocky discusses everything from brand marketing to his highly anticipated new album at Co. Create’s website.

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