MFW: Bally Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

By June 21, 2015Fashion News

Bally goes casual but dashing for Spring/Summer 2016.


Bally’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection features both casual and sophisticated pieces: double breasted jackets, suits, collared shirts and bowties against oversized jackets and trousers, flannel shirts and turtleneck jumpers.

The colour scheme used for the collection includes bright colours such as orange, white and blue for the more casual looks, while the suits are presented in more sincere shades, such as navy blue, red and khaki. The fabrics are various as well: leather, velvet and suede are combined in the collection in order to give Bally’s man a summery, casual look whilst also keeping it classy.

View the entire collection below and let us know what you think in the comment box. 

bally-001-1366 bally-004-1366 bally-003-1366 bally-002-1366

bally-005-1366 bally-008-1366 bally-007-1366 bally-006-1366

bally-009-1366 bally-012-1366 bally-011-1366 bally-010-1366

bally-013-1366 bally-016-1366 bally-015-1366 bally-014-1366

bally-017-1366 bally-020-1366 bally-019-1366 bally-018-1366


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