PAUSE Summer Trend: The Return of the 70s

Every once in a while, fashion is struck with a bad case of nostalgia and can’t resist not looking back on itself to quench its throwback yarning to a forgotten era. Looking at any catwalk, fashion magazine or latest high street trend, it seems that fashion’s soul searching brought it to the 70s. Can you blame it? No, because by combining the right pieces among the bohemian hippies, punk rebellion and disco flashiness, with a slick modern aesthetic, the 70s can offer the contemporary mans wardrobe a hot bed of creativity, a surge of excitement and a miasma of wonder. Plus what other decade do you know that has a TV show named after it?


Flower power was such a defining symbol of the 60s; it was inevitable that it would find its way into the 70s in a big explosion of kaleidoscopic patterns, as well as floral and tribal prints. However with such a colourful and loud aesthetic, it’s important to add sense of balance by combining it with a simple dark hues such as blacks and navy’s, because with head to toe vibrant prints, you run the risks of looking like a Lady Gaga backup dancer.


Katie Eary SS15 Backstage





Suede is no longer the reserve of Sergio Leone Spaghetti Westerns; it’s both traditional yet practical and like very few other garments, suede when paired correctly can last all season and if taken care of well enough, can last a life time.  Nothing says class, prestige and style better than suede loather and the best thing is the colour and the texture allows the shoe to complement any outfit perfectly, especially when combined with a smart casual look. A suede jacket oozes then a timeless quality and can give a man a real sense of masculinity, when perfectly paired with 501 Levi jeans.


Earth tones

If geometric patterns and psychedelic colours aren’t your thing, the 70s also offered a tamer, less chaotic alternative. In and among avocado greens, harvest golds, sunflower yellows and chocolate browns, the 70s predilection for earth tones has the potential to offer a peaceful grounding presence to an outfit. When paired together in blocks, earth tones can make a man’s style look refined, sophisticated and minimalistic. The key piece for earth tones would be chinos, because its versatility will provide the ideal canvas for any type of shirt and jacket.


Kanye West x adidas Originals Yeezy Season 1 Lookbook



ADYN SS15 Lookbook


 Bell bottoms

The 90’s had deconstructed everything, the 80s was all about the power suit and for 70s well, you can’t spell the 70s without using the words bell bottom trousers. In a world of spray on, slim fit and straight trousers, anytime a man wears a bell bottoms, it’s always going to be a statement. But is that such a bad thing? To give the look a modern twist and a sense of familiarity, pair a grey bell bottom with a suit jacket in a similar tone and simple, crisp white cotton shirt.


Sean Suen AW14 Lookbook


Festival style inspiration

The big question is where and when is the best time to wear your 70s expression, well look no further. Festival season is here and is the best time of the year to relive your 70s obsession today. See some style inspiration which have hints of the 70s within their pieces / styling.

suede10 suede11 suede12

Coachella Music Festival Day 3
Get the festival look with suggestive styles below:

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