Grooming: Braun unveils the all new Series 9

For men who dare to dream of the perfect shave the search is over. 

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Braun unveils the all new Series 9 – Braun’s most efficient and comfortable electric shaver, removing more hair in the first stroke than any other shaver – proven on 3-day beards. Set to turbocharge daily routines across the globe, this sleek machine delivers maximum performance in fewer strokes without compromising on skin comfort. Its breakthrough SyncroSonic™ cutting system made of four fully synergized elements, giving men the most sophisticated and intelligent Braun shave yet. Braun’s most advanced shaver head captures every type of hair so fast that skin doesn’t even have time to get irritated. The Series 9 is the combination of superior cutting performance with utmost efficiency, enabling the user to navigate even the most challenging areas of skin and neck effortlessly. For an unbeatable shave that revs you up to master anything, dare to dream with the new Braun Series 9.

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