NYFW: Timo Weiland Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

The New York based brand Timo Weiland brought back the classicism of the stripes in innovative prints for SS16. The Spring/Summer 2016 Collection moved slightly away from the former one, opting for a more liberal and futuristic use of the shapes and designs.

The line in its entirety takes inspiration from sportswear look, even though a mix of vintage flair is evident in the sophisticated silhouettes.
The colour palette consists of shades of navy blue, red and green, alongside the classic black and white.

See the full collection below:

Timo-Weiland_ss16_fy1 Timo-Weiland_ss16_fy4 Timo-Weiland_ss16_fy3 Timo-Weiland_ss16_fy2Timo-Weiland_ss16_fy5 Timo-Weiland_ss16_fy8 Timo-Weiland_ss16_fy7 Timo-Weiland_ss16_fy6Timo-Weiland_ss16_fy12Timo-Weiland_ss16_fy13 Timo-Weiland_ss16_fy16 Timo-Weiland_ss16_fy15 Timo-Weiland_ss16_fy14Timo-Weiland_ss16_fy17

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