River Island Christmas 2015 Men’s Lookbook

By July 22, 2015Fashion News

River Island has sorted out your wardrobe this Xmas.


River Island reveals their Christmas 2015 Men’s Lookbook for Fall/Winter which features sharp tailoring pieces that will keep you stylishly warm through the holiday season. The outerwear for River Island’s AW15 Christmas has a range of solid styles for every man; from Long classic overcoats in black, grey and plaid to a black lightweight trench coat as well as biker and parka options. This year, River Island has got your sorted. Contemporary looks is a key styles to achieve this Christmas and their shiny paisley printed blazer is a perfect evening wear must-have. The collection will be available later this year at River Island in store and online, see the full lookbook below:

002_150703_NH_RI_XMAS15_LOOKBOOK_013 004_150703_NH_RI_XMAS15_LOOKBOOK_001 003_150703_NH_RI_XMAS15_LOOKBOOK_035 003_150703_NH_RI_XMAS15_LOOKBOOK_024005_150703_NH_RI_XMAS15_LOOKBOOK_031 021_150703_NH_RI_XMAS15_LOOKBOOK_011! (1) 009_150703_NH_RI_XMAS15_LOOKBOOK_004 007_150703_NH_RI_XMAS15_LOOKBOOK_021023_150703_NH_RI_XMAS15_LOOKBOOK_031 030_150703_NH_RI_XMAS15_LOOKBOOK_015! 027_150703_NH_RI_XMAS15_LOOKBOOK_021! 025_150703_NH_RI_XMAS15_LOOKBOOK_006!032_150703_NH_RI_XMAS15_LOOKBOOK_008! 032_150703_NH_RI_XMAS15_LOOKBOOK_040_bw 032_150703_NH_RI_XMAS15_LOOKBOOK_040

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