Adidas Sues Forever 21 Over Its Trademark

By August 22, 2015Fashion News

The fashion industry is not immune to copyrights infringements. No doubt brands and design houses, for each season are creating different pieces, often drawing their inspirations from the same source. For a sportswear/streetwear brand like Adidas known for their renowned trademark, infringements are bound to happen. First it was the reported case of Marc Jacobs violating the brand’s copyright laws, and now, Adidas is taking legal action against online retailer Forever 21 over its trademark branding.

Adidas, in a law suit filed on Monday, claimed that the United States retailer is liable for producing and selling counterfeit clothing bearing their ”well known” and ”famous” trademark sign. According to the brand, such actions are likely to mislead buyers and potentially “deceive the public regarding its source”.

As seen on the pictures below, it looks like Forever 21 won’t be going away with this one.

Examples of the similar imitations sold by Forever 21.

Examples of the similar imitations sold by Forever 21.

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