Domingo Rodriguez Spring/Summer 2016 Lookbook

By August 11, 2015Fashion News

Take a look at the adventure-driven lookbook from The North Face’s Premium Purple Label.

 photo the-north-face-purple-label-fall-2015-collection-14-893x640_zpsipdlhdsx.jpg

Combining fashion standards with outdoor silhouettes, The North Face’s Premium Purple Label, exclusive to Japan, presents its Fall/Winter 2015 Lookbook. The collection consists of fleece jackets, technical Coolmax and GORE-TEX materials, offering high-quality urban goods with an adventure-driven touch. The layering in the lookbook shows the versatility of the gear, a part from its technical use. The colour palette features navy, grey and olive as the main colours. The collection is set to hit the brand’s Japanese stores in the upcoming weeks. Check out the lookbook below.

 photo the-north-face-purple-label-fall-2015-collection-15-893x640_zpsnwlfd0yc.jpg
 photo the-north-face-purple-label-fall-2015-collection-13-893x640_zpsyv6xuw1z.jpg
 photo the-north-face-purple-label-fall-2015-collection-12-893x640_zpssqls338x.jpg
 photo the-north-face-purple-label-fall-2015-collection-8-893x640_zpsgpjzfdbv.jpg
 photo the-north-face-purple-label-fall-2015-collection-11-893x640_zpsamyrtvrq.jpg
 photo the-north-face-purple-label-fall-2015-collection-7-893x640_zps8lnpr2es.jpg
 photo the-north-face-purple-label-fall-2015-collection-10-893x640_zpspgxsusp5.jpg
 photo the-north-face-purple-label-fall-2015-collection-9-893x640_zpsanvlrcbx.jpg
 photo the-north-face-purple-label-fall-2015-collection-5-893x640_zps5mury7po.jpg
 photo the-north-face-purple-label-fall-2015-collection-6-893x640_zpsydmybrnb.jpg
 photo the-north-face-purple-label-fall-2015-collection-4-893x640_zpsggg68vrj.jpg
 photo the-north-face-purple-label-fall-2015-collection-1-893x640_zps3j6nng1w.jpg
 photo the-north-face-purple-label-fall-2015-collection-2-893x640_zpsiwcaksvq.jpg
 photo the-north-face-purple-label-fall-2015-collection-3-893x640_zps7yvc6lox.jpg
Spring/Summer 2016 for Domingo Rodriguez is all about monochromatic colour palettes that blur the lines between masculine and feminine with minimalistic lookbook.

Known for his luxurious craft, Domingo Rodriguez continues this with a modern take on contemporary minimalism throughout his SS16 collection. Focusing on pristine pattern cutting, monochromatic colours and textures presents ultra clean and modern looks that are infused with a touch of relaxation through his simple techniques. With a play on androgyny for SS16, Domingo Rodriguez takes staple menswear items and juxtaposes them with materials of silk georgette and crepes focusing on the silhouettes of the man. These means give a sense of delicacy to the collection, with flowing materials and unusual cuts for menswear provide a soft gentle touch that is contrasted with hard structured leather jackets. With a hint of sportswear thrown into the collection creates a balance between two opposing aesthetics – metal hardware, elasticated hems and button-off hoods Rodriguez manages to pull together masculine and feminine looks into a genderfluid state that looks visually modern and clean.

Domingo Rodriguez is all about quality, and this collection is no different. His minimal approach takes staple pieces into a high-fashion look finished with sleek cutting making the whole collection effortlessly luxurious and beautiful.

See the Domingo Rodriguez Spring/Summer 2016 lookbook below.


 photo DOMINGO_RODRIGUEZ_SS16_16_11_zpsbnn4cegc.jpg

 photo DOMINGO_RODRIGUEZ_SS16_16_9_zpssd9oh7pw.jpg

 photo DOMINGO_RODRIGUEZ_SS16_16_4_zpsiocnm0ek.jpg

 photo DOMINGO_RODRIGUEZ_SS16_16_8_zpsyn4bwbul.jpg

 photo DOMINGO_RODRIGUEZ_SS16_16_5_zpss6ylhskg.jpg

 photo DOMINGO_RODRIGUEZ_SS16_16_6_zpseennaqzi.jpg

 photo DOMINGO_RODRIGUEZ_SS16_16_7_zpsp6qx7tnr.jpg

 photo DOMINGO_RODRIGUEZ_SS16_16_3_zpsuuno4svq.jpg

 photo DOMINGO_RODRIGUEZ_SS16_16_2_zpsqyit1urt.jpg

 photo DOMINGO_RODRIGUEZ_SS16_16_16_zpsxoizl4zq.jpg

 photo DOMINGO_RODRIGUEZ_SS16_16_14_zpsudyvttnl.jpg

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