11 signs that you love clothes more than people

By October 4, 2015Fashion News

If you’re the kind of person who would rather spend your weekend shopping online than going out with your friends, this post is definitely for you.

1) So, that’s basically you, socializing with friends.

2) I mean, who needs friends when they have clothes? 

3) Admit it, you don’t really like to talk to people.

4) Things like calling your friends or texting back is basically a chore.

5) Whereas, buying clothes = life.

6) You’re the kind of person who usually make shoe contact before making eye contact.

7) And you’d rather spend a Friday night shopping online than going out.

8) You like clothes because they don’t speak for nothing, like most people do.

9) They don’t annoy you, like most people do.

10) And most of all, they never bore you, like most people do.

11) And if they do, you can just throw them away. You can’t do that with people, can you? 

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