An early release for Yeezy Season 1?

By October 27, 2015Fashion News

It’s (nearly) Yeezy Season.

Since our first ever glimpse at Kanye’s latest endeavour into fashion with Adidas, pretty much everyone has been engulfed with fascination and awe at his latest works. The hype surrounding was and is still phenomenal as it always is when concerning the rapper and rightly so. The collection has received nods of approval all over the board and has featured in the wild here and there. Question is, could it be coming out sooner than we think?

Well, the answer is yes and no. Italian website G&B Negozi teased us all with the possibility an early release by stocking a couple of items from items from across the collection and like we all assumed, it is not as cheap as we would have liked. With items being as high as $1,836, the bank will definitely be broken with Yeezy Season 1.

Items were reportedly available to checkout but it seems as if that may have been a mistake as the collection is not being shown at all on the website. Website glitch or really unfair teasing? Regardless of what went down at G&B Negozi, we must remember that Adidas have given us an official release date of the October 29th and if you check your calanders, you will notice that it is only 2 days from today so don’t worry – you should be able to get your ‘by-any-means-on” sooner rather than later.

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