PAUSE Guide: What To Wear In A Transitional Season

As the colder season is approaching, here’s how to be ready  for it.


When it comes to the transition from summer to autumn to winter the unpredictability of the English weather gets ramped up to max and it becomes a melting pot of uncertainty. Like the roadrunner there is a way to stay ahead of the weather with the help of the perfect transitional season attire, so forget ACME because PAUSE has you covered for Autumn/Winter 2015.

Lightweight Coats

PAUSE is talking jean jackets, trench coats, bomber jackets, shearling and duster coats, because the lightweight coat should be the corner stone of every pillar of style. For the warmer days simply dress with a plain/printed tee, PAUSE minimalism is key to mastering fall looks when a master coat, let the coat do the talking. While during the slightly colder climates, opt instead for the layering option so that means adding a shirt over your tee in your styling arsenal and then simply add the coat above it all or even add add a shirt over your turtle neck if you want to challenge the breeze. If you’re looking to invest in such an Autumn/Winter necessity, then we suggest investing in a versatile coat that can take your through both seasons, whether it be cold or warm, let your styling work through the temperatures.

Duster Coat

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Bomber Jackets

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Jean Jackets

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Trench Coat

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Shearling Jackets

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The style staple you barely know is there yet can easily promote your outfit game to the premier league of sophistication, but the best bit about scarves that make them such a great buy, if it gets too hot you can take them off! When it gets cold during the night time, release your poncho cape and switch to your light sleek scarf for the daytime.

Cashmere scarfs

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Light Jumpers


Wear it under a trench or duster coat in the extreme colds or wear it by itself on those gentle breezy days. The light jumper is the very definition of versatile autumn dressing, yet it still stays every bit as stylish whatever the weather.

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