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Interviewers: Johnson Gold & Jordan Bunker // @Johnson_Gold @JordanBunker
Photographer: Ollie Ali // @mrollieali
Stylist: Jay Hines // @xyyx
Assistant Stylist: Hayden Williams // @HaydWilliams
Hair & Make Up: Michael  & Jaysam @ Jam Deluxe // @Jam_Deluxe


The CAZZETTE boys sat down with PAUSE so we could get the lowdown from them on what it’s like to be part of a DJing duo and hear more about their latest E.P ‘Desserts’ (Available now). We also managed to find out what they think about Skepta and why they think we’ve got the best music scene in the world.

What are your names individually?

Alex and Sebastian.

It’s not often you meet duo’s, how did you two come together?

We met online through MySpace a few years ago, do you remember MySpace? I think we met in 2010. That’s how we met and that’s how we started making music together. We were sending music back and forth and we were like, let’s collaborate.

How did you both come up with the name CAZZETTE?

That was actually our manager! He just had the idea. When we were first making demos there was tons of different genres and he had in mind, because back when cazette’s were popular, people put all their favourite songs on one cazette tape and putting in the car, or at home. And no matter what genre it was, it was all your favourite songs and that’s the concept behind us, we could do everything, but everything is good in it’s own way.

Left: Jacket: Libertine Libertine, Jeans: Balenciaga, Shirt: Labour of Love, Sneakers: Saint Laurent
Jacket & Shirt: Libertine Libertine, Sneakers: Nike Air Max

The music you create is filled good spirit and cool beats. What’s the aim for every song?

Not really, we just tried to catch a feeling of a song. Especially with our new EP Desserts, there’s no real path, every track has it’s own flavor and soul and I think that’s why we cant just stick to one genre. This is more of a housey vibe, but we have so many other demos that we’re finishing up right now which is hip-hop, rock. It’s interesting to explore!

Your single “Beam Me Up” has over 7 million views on YouTube, with a strong message about Aliens coming to life. What was the message you guys we’re trying to get out?

That was a long time ago! It was the start of our career, three or four years ago. I mean at the time everything was so new and what we did with beam me up was combine different genres. The end message is to create the feeling that anything is possible.

So do you believe in Aliens then?

Hmm nope, but if you mean like life on other planets than probably yes. I’d rather not think about that.

Right: Coat: Libertine Libertine, Jeans: Nudie Jeans 
Left: Turtle Neck: Libertine Libertine, Jacket: Holla, Jeans: Acne

How would you compare the music scene in Sweden to the UK?

The UK scene is the best music scene in the world because you have the best musicians, radio stations and we have so much respect for the UK. Don’t get me wrong Sweden is great, but the UK is the best. The electronica scene has always been big over here in someway. Now it’s more commercially acceptable, but looking at the UK scene from Sweden you could get jealous. There’s just so many different artists, like Skepta, he’s inspirational.

How did you guys find out about Skepta?

I found out about him on a blog, we actually used to play Shutdown for a while, we still do actually. We’re huge fans of hip-hop and grime. We look for all kind of music though, we’re not all dance orientated as one would think. We try find inspiration from lots of different places.

Moving onto fashion, Sweden has it’s own individual style when it comes to it’s designers and the way people dress. What does a typical Swedish man wear on a daily basis?

Ralph Lauren shirt, Pants from tidy jeans and Fred Perry shoes. That’s the typical, middle-class Swede. In general, we dress quite well! H&M is very popular, it’s cheap and it looks good. There’s also a high fashion scene as well, ACNE jeans and leather jackets. There are great stores in Copenhagen.


Left: Hoodie: Rick Owens, Turtleneck: Libertine Libertine, Jeans: Acne, Shoes: Julian Zigerli 
Right: Shirt: Balmain, Trousers Samsoe Samsoe, Shoes: Oliver Sweeney 

And what about your individual styles?

Alex: I’d say like modern gothic. Very longsleeved, layer on layer stuff. Rick Owens comes to mind.

Sebastian: I like everything, but I like streetwear combined with a clean look. Sometimes I like clean Acne jeans and then other times I’ll like vintage looking ripped denim. It’s always different, I just know what I like. I like dark clothes, blacks and greys. If I go for colour, military green and browns. Something that’s not complicated.

How is it being a duo rather than a solo DJ? What are the benefits of it?

I think it’s great as we get feedback from each other. First and foremost we’re producers, so collaborating on music is the most important part and that’s why we’re here today. As DJs, that’s just djing, that’s the easy part, compared to making music.

Do you ever create sounds and then disagree with one another?

Of course. All the time. That’s part of the process. It wouldn’t be good if we were agreeing all the time. When you’re working on something sometimes the brain can trick you.


Let’s talk about what you’re working on now then, like when are you releasing the new E.P?

It was released on the 28th (August), but it’s been out on Spotify for a while. We’re in love with every song in different ways. We’ve got plenty of things that we are working on and lined up, but they are still being finished off.

What’s been your 2015 highlight so far?

It’s been great. Obviously the EP coming out is a huge deal for us. Then in the summer we’ve done some shows in Europe and they’ve been cool.

Where are you off next?

Well now we’re going on a massive tour for three months. It’s a massive, North America, South America and Asia tour. It’s going to be awesome.

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