9 reasons why buying clothes is like buying happiness

By November 21, 2015Fashion News

“Money can’t buy happiness, price but it can buy clothes, and they’re kinda the same thing.” We’ll are – more or less – familiar with the concept of happiness. Well, forget everything you know about your philosophy’s class, because PAUSE is about to reconsider your knowledge and show you in a very logical way how happiness and clothes are linked.

1 – You and your mates (voucher, gifts and private sales) always have a lot of fun together

2 – The warm feeling of a new item makes you weep.

3 – Walking out of a store with your new purchase is the same as conquering the world

4 – Buying clothes online = a huge smile when the screen displays “completed purchase”

5 – The same goes with the “shipping confirmation” email

6 – Do we have to mention the last one – the “order received” email?

7 – You show gratitude to the deliveryman when he hands you your new parcel

8 – You literally feel blessed when checking your new outfit in the mirror

9 – And you’re obviously very happy to throw shades when wearing your new clothes

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