Maharishi Makes Custom Jacket for Travis Scott

By November 17, 2015Fashion News

Kanye West’s long-awaited collection has a lot to teach not only his fans, but everyone interested in fashion about the hottest trends. Here is our PAUSE top 10:




1) Kanye West clearly believes that monochramatic dressing is the recipe for a good outfit. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, but when it comes to his autumnal pallette of dark shades of green, black and grey, sticking to only one tone does the trick. It instantly gives its wearer a perfect base to play with textures and shapes without being distracted by the excess of colour.


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2) This leads us to the choice of hues. The earth tones are clearly the way to go according to Kanye, and he cannot be more accurate. The gloomier shades are always more popular on the catwalks as the days get colder, and this year was no exception. Take your inspiation from Mother Nature, and stay on top of your fashion game with the colours of autumn leaves and cloudy skies.

kwestparis2         333-Le-21eme-Arrondissement-Adam-Katz-Sinding-Alex-Field-SoHo-New-York-City-Street-Style-Fashion-Blog

3) Speaking of cloudy skies: there is nothing more important than the statement coat when the temperature drops. And in the eyes of Kanye West, the longer the coat, the better. Think floor-sweeping long. At least, that is the only length the rapper chooses for himself and rest assured: all the trendy people this season will do too.


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4) Yeezy’s aesthetics screams military, which the creator assures was inspired by London riots. Despite being slighly behind in terms of timing, the decision to add the camouflage coats and aggressive boots feels fresh. Combined with sportswear pieces like joggers and trainers, we at PAUSE think this will definitely be a hit not only on the streets of London, but in all of the fashion capitals of the world.



5) Joggers are clearly having a moment in fashion right now. After the skinny jeans occupation, the relaxed sports trousers feel like a breath of fresh air. Despite being labelled ‘a synonym of failure’ by the fashion designers of the previous generation, joggers and sweatpants take the central stage in Kanye West. After all, for the price of £365, they do not seem that pathetic.


6) Challenging our perception of luxury and keeping up with the military/dystopian theme, the ripped clothes become a big part of Kanye West’s collection. So don’t worry about throwing away or sewing your damaged items anymore, because according to our predictions, no one will blink an eye seeing a tear on your sweater anymore. Just make sure the rest of your outfit is in impeccable condition.


Tyga-Givenchy-001 2668EB5300000578-0-image-m-117_1425745132717

7) Yeezy 950 boots are the gem of this collection, with everyone from celebrities to mere mortals worshipping them. Giving a rough edge to every outfit, wear them with everything from the mentioned above joggers to the more tailored trousers. A perfect marriage of style and comfort.


eduardo_february201372    fashion-week-street-style-glam-men-7

8) Kanye West loves to live big, so there is no surprise such luxury as fur made its way into his collection. A potentially intimidating piece in a man’s wardrobe, Kanye made it look wearable and even, dare we say tough, by keeping the fluff levels to a minimum and sticking to a dark pallet. One of the key pieces in the Autumn/Winter 2015/16 collection, there is no surprise Kanye didn’t leave it out.


Milan-Street-Style-March-20133          paris_mens_fashion_week_fw13_crystal_nicodemus_black_layers_blonde_hair

9) In the rapper’s world, it is all about layers, which cannot be more appropriate for the colder weather, particular here in Britain where you never quite know what to expect. Yeezy proves that there is nothing wrong with longer pieces of fabrics picking under the hems of the shorter pieces, as long as you keep it monochrome and clean.


10) And last but not least, we have to address the elephant in the room. The recent editorial for GQ showed the one and only Abel Tesfaye – aka The Weeknd – wearing the Yeezy collection and there is no deni that the man’s self-confidence (and his unusual choice of hairstyle) is the finishing touch these pieces need. At the end of the day, Kanye West is famous for his individuality: this is no trend nowadays more celebrated than that.

Travis Scott has been gifted with a custom made jacket by Maharishi.


Taking to his Instagram,  Travi$ Scott unveiled a new custom jacket he received from maharishi, with a shout out thanking the streetwear brand and New York-based fashion house Will&Rich. The brown coat is embroidered with strap detailing, yellow stars and a finely detailed embroidery that depicts La Flame bronc riding a horse in true rodeo fashion. It also features bold capital letters spelling out “MAHARISHI / LA FLAME / YEAR OF THE COWBOY”.

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