Louis Vuitton Men’s Resort 2016 Collection

By December 18, 2015Fashion News

French luxury brand releases its latest men’s 2016 Resort Collection.


Loius Vuitton is famous for its timeless designs and this collection was no exception. Saying it, the latest release features a more relaxed silhouette with joggers and round-shoulders bomber jackets in a variety of shades of blue, grey and mauve. The occasional pops of colour in a form of bright blue and red stripes acts as a strong statement with the classic shades in the background. All the pieces work very well together, making for a truly wearable collection.

See the full Resort 2016 Collection below:

louisvuittonresort2016_fy31 louisvuittonresort2016_fy30 louisvuittonresort2016_fy29 louisvuittonresort2016_fy28 louisvuittonresort2016_fy27 louisvuittonresort2016_fy26 louisvuittonresort2016_fy25 louisvuittonresort2016_fy24 louisvuittonresort2016_fy23 louisvuittonresort2016_fy22 louisvuittonresort2016_fy21 louisvuittonresort2016_fy19 louisvuittonresort2016_fy18 louisvuittonresort2016_fy17 louisvuittonresort2016_fy16 louisvuittonresort2016_fy15 louisvuittonresort2016_fy14 louisvuittonresort2016_fy13 louisvuittonresort2016_fy12 louisvuittonresort2016_fy11 louisvuittonresort2016_fy10 louisvuittonresort2016_fy9 louisvuittonresort2016_fy8 louisvuittonresort2016_fy7 louisvuittonresort2016_fy6 louisvuittonresort2016_fy5 louisvuittonresort2016_fy4 louisvuittonresort2016_fy3  louisvuittonresort2016_fy2 louisvuittonresort2016_fy1

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