Supreme x North Face: The History

By December 2, 2015Fashion News

Highsnobiety’s ten year anniversary see’s an exiting collaboration with streetwear brand Carhartt. cht1Continuing their 10 year anniversary celebrations, Highsnobiety have teamed up with streetwear brand ‘Carhartt WIP’ on an urban inspired selection of tastefully designed garments.

The collection includes a long sleeved tee, hoodie, beanie and sweats which all feature a collaborative, Carhartt x Highsnobiety logo. As one of the most current brands within the urban infused streetwear industry, this collection includes design input from both parties.

The collection is set to drop on December 4th at SOTO Berlin, as well as Carhartt WIP’s Paris LeMarais, London Earlham Street, Berlin Mitte, New York, Milan Ticinese, Hong Kong and Tokyo stores, and online at Carhartt WIP, SOTO Berlin and Highsnobiety.

See below for more photos. cht2 cht3 cht4 cht5

cht6 cht7 cht8 cht9cht10 cht11 cht12 cht13cht14cht15



The History of SUPREME and NORTH FACE.srm1

Urban skate kingpins, Supreme first teamed up with outdoor, high performance clothing company North Face back in 2007.

Since their first collaboration, Supreme have managed to stay true to their typically bold statements while allowing North Face to infuse their high performance, outdoor and weather appropriate designs.

As one of the most out-standing collaborative partners, see below for the complete SUPREME x NORTH FACE design history.

Fall/Winter 200720071 20072 20073Spring/Summer 200820082 20083

Fall/Winter 2008
fl1 fl2 fl3fl4Spring/Summer 2010ss1 ss2 ss3 ss4
Fall/Winter 201020101 20102 20103 2010420105 20106Spring/Summer 2011aqw1 aqw2 aqw3 aqw4aqw5 aqw6 aqw7 aqw8

Fall/Winter 2011sw1 sw2 sw3 sw4sw5 sw6Spring/Summer 2012fg1 fg2 fg3 fg4fg5 fg6 fg7

Fall/Winter 2012gh1 gh2 gh3gh4 gh5 gh6Spring/Summer 2013as1 as2 as3 as4as5 as6 as7 as8as9 as10

Fall/Winter 2013hj4 hj7 hj1 hj5hj6 hj3 hj2Spring/Summer 2014ad1 ad2 ad3 ad4ad5ad6ad7ad8

Fall/Winter 2014jk1 jk2 jk3 jk4jk5 jk6 jk8 jk9jk10 jk11 jk12Spring/Summer 2015ty1 ty2 ty3 ty4ty5 ty6 ty7 ty8ty9 ty10 ty11ty12 ty13 ty14 ty15

Fall/Winter 2015by1 by2 by3 by4by5 by6 by7 by8by9 by10 by11 by12by13 by14 by15



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