MFW: MSGM Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

MSGM turn heads at Milan Fashion Week.


A stand-out collection from Massimo Giorgetti, ‘MSGM’.

With an alluring variety of tonal longline garments on show, added to the stunning print/chequered patterned upper body pieces is the main reason behind their Milan Fashion Week success. With impressive garment pairings seen throughout the collection, chic and eye-catching designs, added to the consistent use of oversized and textured materials is whats pushing MSGM’s incredibly relevant status in the high-fashion industry. Despite the universal love for earth and tonal colourings this season, Massimo Giorgetti have managed to bring both rustic and vibrant pieces to the catwalk with an extraordinary outcome.

We at PAUSE feel the importance of infusing new-age fashion with iconic ‘oldskool’ looks is key to achieving success on the runway.

See below for more photos.

001_MSGM_17730002_MSGM_17751 005_MSGM_17830 004_MSGM_17799 003_MSGM_17776006_MSGM_17853 009_MSGM_17931 008_MSGM_17907 007_MSGM_17874010_MSGM_17947 013_MSGM_18008 012_MSGM_17975 011_MSGM_18569014_MSGM_18030 017_MSGM_18106 016_MSGM_18084 015_MSGM_18052018_MSGM_18130 021_MSGM_18203 020_MSGM_18179 019_MSGM_18152022_MSGM_18229 025_MSGM_18297 024_MSGM_18273 023_MSGM_18257026_MSGM_18323 029_MSGM_18386 028_MSGM_18368 027_MSGM_18347030_MSGM_18413 033_MSGM_18527 032_MSGM_18465 031_MSGM_18437

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