MFW: Philipp Plein Autumn/Winter 16 Collection

By January 16, 2016Fashion Shows

See the full Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection for Vivienne Westwood which showcased at Milan Fashion Week 2016:

_VIV0008 _VIV0019 _VIV0032 _VIV0045

_VIV0058 _VIV0073 _VIV0091 _VIV0104


_VIV0119 _VIV0132 _VIV0148 _VIV0165

_VIV0180 _VIV0199


_VIV0216 _VIV0227 _VIV0256 _VIV0272

_VIV0284 _VIV0300 _VIV0313 _VIV0331

_VIV0347 _VIV0364 _VIV0380 _VIV0395


_VIV0440 _VIV0459 _VIV0474 _VIV0491

_VIV0518 _VIV0534 _VIV0547 _VIV0558

_VIV0592 _VIV0610 _VIV0635 _VIV0691

For AW15 Philipp Plein embraced the superhero within us all and gave us a collection that Marvel and DC would be extremely proud of.


The line saw luxuriously tailored suiting meet the likes of Captain America and Batman, and even had the support of Lil Wayne, who did a short set prior to the models’ walk. Plein has not been shy to admit that he is attempting to crack the American market, and perhaps this is the way he intends to do so (it’s not a secret that Americans love the superhero approach). Plein’s latest offering saw him blend fashion with Hollywood, which is sure to cause a certain level of intrigue with the American market.

The collection is predominately black, with injections of colour coming in logos and subtle detailing, and models were given Swarovski crystal laden skateboards, in more than a nod to youth culture and Plein’s obvious view that the youth are the superheroes of today (the runway itself was embedded in skate park stroke bike park). Lucky Blue opened the show in an impeccably cut suit, which featured a unique Swarovski emblem of Captain America’s shield. Leather and quilted velvet recurs across the collection, with parkas, bomber jackets, track pants and backpacks all getting the fabricating treatment. It worked surprisingly well, with each look feeling complete and luxe. The collection was extremely youthful, with a copious amount of chains, playful hats and elaborate shoes blended with roll neck knits, Batman inspired details and plenty of black.

_ARC0065 _ARC0074 _ARC0084

_ARC0094 _ARC0107 _ARC0125 _ARC0137

_ARC0153 _ARC0165 _ARC0183 _ARC0194

_ARC0207 _ARC0220

_ARC0233 _ARC0246 _ARC0265 _ARC0275

_ARC0265 _ARC0290 _ARC0299


_ARC0312 _ARC0327 _ARC0342 _ARC0355

_ARC0372 _ARC0387 _ARC0397 _ARC0412

_ARC0426 _ARC0437 _ARC0449 _ARC0463

_ARC0479 _ARC0491 _ARC0504 _ARC0517

_ARC0504 _ARC0517 _ARC0528 _ARC0537

_ARC0553 _ARC0562 _ARC0578 _ARC0587

_ARC0598 _ARC0607 _ARC0619 _ARC0643

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